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Flowers are everywhere!


You might not have noticed it before, but flowers are all around you for every important occasion. Whether you want to congratulate someone, show your love, or give something as a gift, flowers are always one of the best choices.

Flower arrangements in Singapore

You can buy some flowers in Singapore from Amyt Fleur. You can get some beautiful flower arrangements in Singapore which fit your different occasions’ requirement with our lavish collection. We provide flowers, but we can also help you select the right flowers in Singapore.

Wedding Florist Singapore

Apart from providing you with a unique bouquet that you can gift at a wedding, we also offer you services as your wedding florist in Singapore. We can arrange a beautiful backdrop for the wedding ceremony, including the flower decoration of the entire venue, a unique flower arrangement for the stage, and an excellent table flower arrangement to ensure that your wedding looks excellent from an aesthetic point of view.

Besides, with our flower arrangements Singapore, you’ll also be able to make it easy for your guests to take selfies which fits into the theme. If you have a special theme for your wedding, our florists can arrange flowers accordingly to complement the entire scenario you have in mind. Ensuring that the flowers arrangement would be just perfect for your wedding.


Valentine Day Special


We have some special Valentine’s Day special flower arrangements too. We know this is a special day where flowers can be an expression of your love. Let Amyt Fleur take care of your floral requirements and ensures that you get yourself a specially curated and unique bouquet in Singapore.



Learn floristry online

The art of floristry requires more passion, creativity, and skills than you may imagine. As a profession, it has so much more than picking flowers and keeping them in a vase. There is much more expected from a professional florist, from floral designing and styling to general flower and plant care. Being a florist is all about training and developing the required skills to flourish as a florist. Online flower arranging course is also gaining popularity in the recent years. 

Online floral arranging course

Whether you want to start your own floral business or wish to join an existing organization, a floral arrangement course is the key to open the door to success in the floral industry. From plant cutting to designing, arranging, and decorating floral arrangements, there is so much to learn and work on. Additionally, the floral arrangement workshop provides you with essential fundamental knowledge such as the right techniques to care for your fresh flowers appropriately.


Why you should attend this course?

To pursue a career in floristry, home study courses are beneficial in so many ways. It is not only about adopting floristry as a career, but online courses are also helpful for people who want to take floristry as a new hobby.


How online flower arranging course help you?


These floral learning courses provide you with skills and essential knowledge to start a successful career in the floristry profession. These floral arrangement courses also help you to start up a business on your own. Related jobs you can choose are:


• Florist’s assistance

• Florist

• Wedding florist


Amyt Fleur Singapore makes it easy as possible for you to learn the art of floristry. If you cannot attend flower design courses at our physical locations, you can consider our online floral arrangement workshop, you can still continue learning floral arrangement art as effectively online. This course assists you in mastering the fundamentals of floral design, allowing you to enjoy floristry learning online and keep blooming with Amyt Fleur Singapore.