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Number of roses meaning:

  • 3 stalks - "I love you"
  • 5 stalks - To express care & significance for your friend or partner
  • 6 stalks - "I want to be yours"
  • 9 stalks - A symbol of eternal love
  • 10 stalks - "You are perfect for me"
  • 12 stalks - "Be mine"
  • 24 stalks - "I'm yours" (Perfect for proposal)
  • 36 stalks - "I'm head over heels for you" (Perfect for proposal)

Color of roses meaning:

  • Red - conveys deep affection, such as desire or longing for your significant other (I love you)
  • Light pink - indicates gentleness
  • Dark pink - indicates gratitude
  • Champagne peach - symbolises joy, gladness, delight and friendship
  • White - symbol of purity, innocence, sign of respect or remembrance (I'm thinking of you)
  • Purple - indicate a fascination or adoration (Love at first sight)
  • Blue - symbolises mystery or attaining the impossible

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Fresh flowers used:
Roses, baby's breaths, dusty miller

Estimated measurement of Reparo bouquet:

- 3 stalks: 17-20cm wide
- 5 stalks: 20-23cm
- 9 stalks: 23-25cm
- 10 stalks: 23-25cm
- 12 stalks: 25-27cm
- 24 stalks: 27-30cm
- 36 stalks: 33-35cm

(for referencing only, bouquet size might differ according to size of flowers)

Pics strictly for referencing only, all flowers are subjected to availability.

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