Medium bespoked
  • Medium bespoked

    How to customise a bouquet with amytfleur:


    Step 1: Choose a color scheme that you think your recipient might like.
    Step 2: Choose choice of flowers - Deluxe = common flowers that are readily available at the market (roses, carnations, baby's breaths etc) or Premium = seasonal/exquisite flowers that are only available during that week (calla lilies, tulips, peonies, ranunculus etc)
    Step 3: If you know what your recipient likes (ie favourite colors or preferred flowers), drop us a note in the 'Special Request' box below so we can work with it. If you do not have any preferences & would like us to work our magic, choose the 'No preferences' option & we'll do the rest for you! 

    *Note: All bouquets are specially curated & we will NOT be duplicating previous works. Pictures shown here are strictly for referencing only.

    • Color scheme reference:
      1. Soft & pastel - blush colors like light pink, light blue, light purple etc
      2. Bright & cheery - brighter colors like red, orange, yellow etc
      3. Wild & rustic - more textural & smaller bloom flowers will be incorporated eg. wax flowers, caspia, eryngium, eucalyptus seeds etc


      Choice of flowers guide:
      1. Deluxe - common flowers that are readily available in the flower market eg rose, carnation, matthiola, eustoma, baby's breath
      2. Premium - seasonal & exquisite flowers that are only available during that week of your preferred delivery date eg peony, ranunculus, dahlia, tulip, calla lily, hydrangea

      **Additional charge of $60-80 applicable for Garden/David Austin roses. Please contact us at to enquire about its availability. Thanks!


      Estimated bouquet size (LxBxH):


      (for referencing only, bouquet size might differ according to size of flowers)