BABY'S BREATH or I'd like to call them BBs (pronounce as BEE-BEE-Z)
Every girls' favourite, or is it? Hmm..




Colors available:
1. White
2. Light Pink
3. Light Blue
4. Light Purple
5. Coral
6. Red
7. Orange
8. Yellow
9. Green




Indicate details below in msg box upon checkout:
1. Choice of color(s) for baby's breaths
2. Msg if any (max 30 words)



  • Petite - Palm size
    Small - 15cm wide, 18-20cm in height
    Medium - 20cm wide, 22-25cm in height
    Large - 30cm wide, 32-35 in height
    X-large - 45cm wide, 48-50cm in height

    *Measurements not to scale. Real life product might vary slightly in size.


    Pics strictly for referencing only, all flowers are subjected to availability.


Kindly place your order at least 2 days in advance.

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