Our package includes the following items:

1. Bridal bouquet

2. Groom's boutonniere

3. Parents' pin corsages x4

4. Complimentary loose cut flowers for hair

Difference between deluxe & premium package will be the type of flowers used:

• Deluxe - non seasonal flowers available all year round

eg kenya rose, dutch carnation, eustoma, matthiola, etc

• Premium - seasonal flowers according to months

eg peony, ranunculus, anemome, sweet pea, dahlia, etc



we also provide the following at an additional cost:

- pre wedding shoot/solemnisation bouquet

- bridesmaids posy

- wrist corsage

- flower crown

- groomsmen boutonniere

- car decorations / car flowers

- ribbon sesh for car bonnet

- mums' appreciation bouquet

- rose petals

- Venue decorations (flower arches, pew flowers, centrepieces)



  1. Bridal bouquet

  2. Groom’s boutonniere 

  3. Table centrepiece

  4. Bride & groom chairs

+ Complimentary loose cut flowers for hair

+ Delivery to 1 location

+ Glass vase for bridal bouquet (for Premium package only)


  1. Bridal bouquet

  2. Groom’s boutonnière 

  3. Parents’ boutonnières x4

  4. Table centrepiece 

+ Complimentary loose cut flowers for hair

+ Delivery to 1 location

+ Glass vase for bridal bouquet (for Premium package only) 

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Wedding flowers Singapore

Weddings are incomplete without flowers as they add a particular flavor to the wedding by adding a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, contrasts, and fragrance. They have the power to transform the look and feel of a marriage. Flowers also add an extra texture and unique feelings for a wedding day. These colors pop create feelings and set a wedding's mood with their elegance, style, and beauty. 

Where you need flowers at a wedding?

There is a long list of wedding components that need flowers, such as:

• Bridal and bridesmaid bouquet flowers

• Corsages and boutonnieres flowers
• Wedding car flowers

• Floral centerpieces wedding

• Floral arch wedding

• Flower wall wedding reception

Floral confetti wedding

Amyt Fleur Singapore cares for all the various aspects of the flower requirements for a perfect wedding.

From bridal car flowers  to flowers for the bride and groom, we ensure that your needs are met by crafting and arranging the best and most beautiful floral creations. Based on what you have on your customization request, or you have chosen from our catalog we strive to meet your requirements to our best efforts. With a wide variety of floral décor, we assure to bring that personal touch to your wedding decorations.