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regular bespoked


regular bespoked

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How to customise a bouquet with amytfleur:

Step 1: Choose a color scheme that you think your recipient might like.
Step 2: Choose choice of flowers - Deluxe = common flowers that are readily available at the market (roses, carnations, baby's breaths etc) or Premium = seasonal/exquisite flowers that are only available during that week (calla lilies, tulips, peonies, ranunculus etc)
Step 3: If you know what your recipient likes (ie favourite colors or preferred flowers), drop us a note in the 'Special Request' box below so we can work with it. If you do not have any preferences & would like us to work our magic, choose the 'No preferences' option & we'll do the rest for you! 

*Note: All bouquets are specially curated & we will NOT be duplicating previous works. Pictures shown here are strictly for referencing only.

Notify me once this product is available.

Color scheme reference:
1. Soft & pastel - blush colors like light pink, light blue, light purple etc
2. Bright & cheery - brighter colors like red, orange, yellow etc
3. Wild & rustic - more textural & smaller bloom flowers will be incorporated eg. wax flowers, caspia, eryngium, eucalyptus seeds etc

Choice of flowers guide:
1. Deluxe - common flowers that are readily available in the flower market eg rose, carnation, matthiola, eustoma, baby's breath
2. Premium - seasonal & exquisite flowers that are only available during that week of your preferred delivery date eg peony, ranunculus, dahlia, tulip, calla lily, hydrangea

**Additional charge of $60-80 applicable for Garden/David Austin roses. Please contact us at to enquire about its availability. Thanks!

Estimated bouquet size (LxBxH):


(for referencing only, bouquet size might differ according to size of flowers)

Pics strictly for referencing only, all flowers are subjected to availability.

Should you want to change your delivery date/collection timing, do let us know at least 2 working days in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements. Any changes within 24 hours prior to collection/delivery will incur a penalty charge equivalent to value of bouquet.

No refunds or exchange of items collected by customers after 1 hour. We will not be liable for any damages or wilted flowers after this point onwards. 

If you're unsatisfied with the quality of our flowers or received a wrong item upon collection, do contact us immediately with a brief description of the problem & a picture attached. We will get back to you promptly.

Read our T&Cs before proceeding with payment


Delivery Time Slot:

Mon to Sat:

1. Flexible delivery: 11-6pm slot only (Free)

2. 10am - 2pm OR 2pm - 6pm (+ $5)

3. Express 2 hour delivery, any 2 hours' interval between 11am-6pm (+ $15)


Sundays & PH: