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About Us
About Us | Amyt Fleur

Hi, I'm Amy - founder, owner, head floral designer at amytfleur.




Unlike many florists, I didn’t start out to like flowers and in fact I was being dragged by my late paternal grandmother (whom I affectionately called ‘ahma’) to attend flower arrangement classes on Sundays at a tender age of 7.

<<< daz mini me at 7 years old with my first ever floral arrangement lol not too shabby eh?



Somewhere in between I forgot about flowers (not very interested tbh) until 12 years later when I was deciding between working part time in a shopping mall's flower shop or to be an ice-cream scooper at the very first hipster ice-cream shop. I chose the former because I've noticed how much my ahma loved flowers. 

As with all regrets go, before I could even arrange a bouquet perfectly for her, she passed on in 2013 due to breast cancer. 



Then came amytfleur,

which was born in 2018, in my parent’s 5-room HDB flat.

I started taking in bespoked orders from my University mates as they were looking for something 'affordable' yet up-to-date arrangements. 

Friends then started recommending to their friends & f
ast forward to today, where I now have a humble floral studio & a small team of my own. I’m crediting all my successes to my supportive parents, family, close friends, and of course past & present clients (hello you!). 




I've witnessed how encouraging this little community came together during Covid in Apr 2020 & the support I’ve received during the lowest period of my life – Nov 2020, the passing of my mum (cervical cancer). 

Since then I vowed to craft each bouquet with all my heart & soul not only to each client’s satisfaction, but to thank everyone for their support. Most importantly, I will create something that I know will make both the toughest & strongest women in my life – my ahma & mother, very proud wherever they are now.


About Us