Amy T,

"Take care of things & people & they will take care of you"

"How/when/why did you become a florist?"

My late paternal grandma (fondly known as 'ahma') loved flowers & will always have flowers on every 1st & 15th day of the month in Lunar calendar. She also dragged me to learn floral arrangement on Sunday Buddhist classes when I was 7 years young. When I was in poly, I got sick of working in retail stores & decided I'll get paid by learning a skill + I can gift my ahma flowers whenever -- so I became a florist in 2011! 

AMYTFLEUR bloomed in Jan 2018 but I was already crafting flowers for closed friends in 2015. I knew one day I'll have a small floral studio for my own, to make my late grandparents, my late mum, my dad, & everyone who loves me proud. 

The journey hasn't been easy, as with life, but I'm grateful to have met with plentiful of kind, patient & generous people. Thank you for lifting & empowering this little business.